RISTAR Group is aim to be a professional provider for not only high quality products, but also perfect service, for not only selling it, but also manufacturing it wholeheartedly. RISTAR is always ready to devote herself to this aim.

RISTAR Group has been involved in LED industry for more than ten years, in  2014 a sales & service team was built in Istanbul to operate marketing and after-sales service. Soon in 2015 a LED factory in Bolu, Turkey has been put in use and serves Turkey & neighbor countries with high-quality LED products, benefiting from lower cost and faster delivery. Meanwhile, OEM, ODM, OBM are available in Turkey and China factories.

RISTAR has put LED products at priority since the starting of her business life in international market. Various LED lights & SKD parts(light shell, LED chip,  PCB, driver, cable, etc.) are under RISTAR production scope in her shareholding companies in China.


Range Product Wide in Dooro From

ganacsiga ugu weyn ee lagu soo saarta, degida iyo dhoofinta nalalka kala duwan LED iyo qaybo ka. Waxaa jira tiro balaadhan oo ah alaabta LED waxaan siin kari waayay, waxaa ka mid ah dhaadheer, hoos iftiin, iftiinka kaalinta, iftiinka guddi, iftiinka daad, iwm waayo, guriga iyo isticmaalka ganacsiga, gudaha iyo dibadda, iwm

Benefit ka Our Faa'iidooyinka

  • Production facility:

More than ten shareholding companies of RISTAR in China could provide more than 100,000pcs of various LED lights per months. Based on that, RISTAR established 5,000-square-meter LED factory and warehouse in Turkey with sales office and showrooms in Istanbul, for LED production and worldwide sales service. By now there are more than 50 skilled staff working on production line, with more than 10 sets of semi-automated or fully-automated equipment to serve the production requirement, and a sales and after-sales team with more than 10 professional personnel.

Production capacity:

the monthly output is about 30,000pcs LED fluorescent lights and more than 10,000pcs of panel lights, bulbs, track lights, etc., and outdoor lights like flood lights or solar garden lights.


Short delivery:

along with the production facility and warehouse in China, RISTAR is able to ship products to every corner in Europe, Asia, Middle East or Africa within 10 to 30 days.

Competitive price:

thanks to the many years' experience in LED industry, RISTAR has the ability to balance good quality and reasonable cost. Distributors could always get better reputation and profits with RISTAR LED products.


the registered trademark “RISTAR” is already well-known in Turkey and neighbor countries.


CE and TSE are ready to prove our LED products are high-class in the market.


Gacan ku sii Us Maanta

RISTAR Group waxaa ujeedadoodu tahay in ay bixiye xirfadeed ee ma aha oo kaliya wax soo saarka oo tayo sare leh, laakiin sidoo kale adeegga kaamil ah, waayo, ma aha oo kaliya in ay iibiyaan, laakiin sidoo kale waxa ay kal iyo laab ah u soo saarta. RISTAR mar walba diyaar u yahay inuu nafteeda sooco in ujeedada this.

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