Talking about healthy lighting and green lighting

The complete connotation of green lighting includes four indicators of high efficiency & energy saving, environmental protection, safety and comfort, which are indispensable. High-efficiency and energy-saving means obtaining sufficient lighting with less electricity consumption, thereby significantly reducing the emission of air pollutants from power plants and achieving the goal of environmental protection. Safety and comfort refer to clear, soft and no harmful light such as ultraviolet rays and glare, and no light pollution.Lighting

Nowadays, healthy lighting has entered our lives. Although there is no standard definition, people are exploring and researching for the connotation of healthy lighting. The author believes that the following are the indispensable functions and effects of healthy lighting.

1) There is no ultraviolet light, and the blue light component is below the safe value. Nowadays, scientific research results have proved that for light sources with a correlated color temperature of not more than 4000K, the blue light can be controlled below a safe value.

2) No glare or low glare. This could be controlled below the standard value through luminaire design and lighting design. Therefore, both manufacturers and designers are responsible for this task.

3) There is no stroboscopic or low-frequency flicker, and the stroboscopic ratio should not exceed 10%. In my opinion, this is the limit of acceptable stroboscopic; for places with higher requirements, the stroboscopic ratio should not exceed 6%; for places with higher and higher requirements, the index should not exceed 3%. For example, for major international competitions broadcast on high-definition television, the stroboscopic ratio must not exceed 6%

4) Full spectrum, the spectrum of the light source is close to the solar spectrum. Sunlight is the most natural and healthy light. Artificial lighting could simulate the solar spectrum through technical to provide a healthy light environment for humans.

5) The illuminance should reach a reasonable illuminance value, too bright or too dark is not good for health.

However, looking back on green lighting, if the four requirements of “high efficiency & energy saving, environmental protection, safety, and comfort” are truly realized, isn’t green lighting the same as healthy lighting?

Post time: Dec-17-2021
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