Precautions for installation of LED strip lights (1)

1. Prohibition of live work

The LED strip light is the LED lamp bead welded on the flexible circuit board with a special processing technology. After the product is installed, it will be energized and lighted, and it is mainly used for decorative lighting. The usual types are 12V and 24V low-voltage light strips. In order to avoid damage to the light strips due to mistakes in the installation and operation process, it is strictly forbidden to operate the light strips when installing light strips.

2. Storage requirements of LED strip lightsLED strips

The silica gel of LED lights has moisture absorption properties. The light strips should be stored in a dry and sealed environment. It is recommended that the storage period is not too long. Please use or reseal it in time after unpacking. Please do not unpack before use.

3. Check the product before powering on

The entire roll of light strips should not be energized to light up the light strip without disassembling the coil, packaging, or piled up in a ball, so as to avoid serious heat generation and cause LED failure.

4. It is strictly forbidden to press the LED with sharp and hard objects

The LED strip light is LED light beads welded on copper wire or flexible circuit board. When the product is installed, it is recommended not to press the surface of the LED directly with your fingers or hard objects. It is strictly forbidden to step on the LED strip lights, so as not to damage the LED lamp beads and cause the LED lamp to not light up.

5. LED strip lights cutting

When the light strip is installed, according to the length of the site installation, if there is a cutting situation, the light strip should be cut from the place marked with the scissors symbol on the surface of the light strip. It is strictly forbidden to cut the light strip from other places without cutting marks, which will cause the unit to not light up. After the waterproof LED strip light is cut, it needs to be waterproofed at the cut position or the end.

Post time: Nov-26-2021
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