RISTAR: Ignite a bright future for Turkiye’s lighting industry, unveiling Vision 2024

As one of the leading providers of energy-efficient lighting solutions, RISAR continues to make significant strides in transforming the nation’s lighting industry. Today, we’re excited to share more about our ambitious 2024 plans, which will further increase the popularity and adoption of our popular LED lights.

At the heart of RISAR’s success story is our commitment to quality, energy efficiency and customer satisfaction. Demand for environmentally friendly lighting alternatives has surged in recent years, and our LED lights have become the first choice for residential and commercial lighting applications. With their exceptional durability and energy-saving capabilities, RISAR LED lights are popular not only for their superior performance but also for their positive impact on the environment. Looking forward to 2024, we are determined to consolidate Turkey’s position at the forefront of the global LED lighting industry.


living room LED light
Our future roadmap covers all key aspects of lighting, keeping in line with emerging trends while meeting the evolving needs of our customers. Innovation is at the heart of the RISAR approach and we invest heavily in research and development. Our dedicated team of experts is working tirelessly to design and develop revolutionary LED lighting fixtures that can be seamlessly integrated into smart cities, transportation systems, and iconic architectural landmarks. These solutions will not only enhance the visual beauty of Turkey’s urban landscape, but also ensure safety and reliability.

As we expand our footprint and product offerings, RISAR will continue to prioritize the highest quality control standards. Every product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets international standards, providing our customers with superior reliability and peace of mind. In addition, we actively cooperate with local governments, enterprises and communities to promote and publicize the benefits of LED lighting. By raising awareness of long-term cost savings, energy efficiency and environmental benefits, we aim to inspire widespread adoption of our LED lights throughout Turkey.

Furthermore, RISAR is committed to playing an important role in achieving Turkey’s sustainable development goals. Through our energy-saving lighting solutions, we actively contribute to reducing carbon emissions and protecting precious natural resources.

As a responsible corporate citizen, we believe in creating a brighter future for future generations. From residential spaces to industrial complexes, RISAR LED lights are favored by a variety of customers across Turkey. Our comprehensive product range caters for every need, ensuring our customers find the perfect lighting solution for their unique requirements.

Post time: Oct-23-2023
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