LED Linear Light Tips

LED linear light is also called linear wall washer light. It uses PCB hard boards to assemble circuit boards. The lamp beads can be with SMD or COB. Different components can be selected according to the specific situation.

8 common sense of LED linear lights, let you know more about linear lights.

soft led strip      1.LED light bars can be divided into flexible LED strip light and LED linear lights. The difference is that   LED linear lights use PCB as assembled circuit boards and cannot be bent at will; flexible LED strip light use   softer FPC as assembled circuits The board, the LED strip light is encapsulated in transparent plastic and can be bent.

     2.The linear light has better linearity, easier to fix, and the installation is more worry-free. It is suitable for use in a wider space and can show better light consistency.

     3.There are two types of linear light operating voltage, one is general voltage and the other is driving voltage. The universal voltage is high voltage, the driving voltage is 24V, and the safety and reliability are high.

     4.Compared with the soft light strip, the linear light is made of aluminum material, which has better heat dissipation and higher power.

     5.The LED linear light can be repaired by a single lamp bead, even if one is broken, it will not affect the others.

      6.LED line light are used for auxiliary lighting of showcase windows, such as jewelry showcase lighting, display cabinet lighting, cabinet lighting, wardrobe lighting, shop lighting, advertising light box lighting, and hotel, guesthouse, decoration lighting, etc.

      7.The color temperature can be selected according to the lighting environment, such as: warm white (2700-3500k) is suitable for gold lighting; natural white (4000k) is suitable for gemstone, jade, and jade lighting.

      8.When installing the LED linear lamp, it is generally placed in the lamp trough, or it can be fixed with magnets, buckles, 45°buckles, and rotating brackets.

Post time: Dec-31-2021
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