Precautions for installation of LED strip lights (2)

6. Pay attention to the surface neat and tidy when installing

Before installing the light strip, please keep the installation surface clean and free of dust or dirt, so as not to affect the sticking of the light strip. When installing the light strip, please do not tear off the release paper on the adhesive surface at one time, so as to avoid the light strips sticking to each other during installation and cause the lamp beads to be damaged. You should tear off the release paper while installing. The surface of the light strip installation platform must be flat, especially at the light strip connecting plate, so as not to cause the light strip to be prone to failure and uneven surface light to affect the overall effect.

LED strips

7. Do not twist the light strip when installing

During the product installation process, it is strictly forbidden to twist the main body of the light strip to avoid breaking the lamp beads or falling off the components. During the installation of the product, it is strictly forbidden to use external force to pull, and the tensile force that the light strip can withstand is ≤60N.

8. Pay attention to the arc of the corner when installing

During the installation process of the light strip, in order to ensure the life and reliability of the light strip, please do not bend the product at a right angle. The curvature of the light strip should be greater than 50mm to avoid damage to the circuit board of the light strip.

9. It is strictly forbidden to use acid sealant

After authoritative testing, the gas or liquid volatilized by acidic adhesives and quick-drying adhesives during curing has a great impact on the service life and luminous effect of the LED light source. It is recommended not to use acid sealant when installing the light strip.

Post time: Dec-03-2021
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