Energy-saving techniques and methods for home lighting

“Lamp” not only has the function of lighting, but also has the function of decoration and beautification. However, in the case of insufficient power, the lighting efficiency should be improved and the lighting of the lamps should be allocated reasonably. Only in this way can consumers strike a balance between home beautification and energy saving.

Improve the lighting efficiency of existing lamps

Lights are one of the good helpers to create a warm atmosphere at home. To keep the light source bright and clean for a long time to achieve the purpose of energy saving, please perform the following operations:LED light

1. Regularly clean the lighting equipment. If the lamp is not cleaned for a long time, it is easy to accumulate dust in the lamp tube and affect the output efficiency. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the bulb at least every 3 months.

2. Regularly replace the old lamp. When the life of incandescent and fluorescent lamps reaches 80%, the output beam will be reduced to 85%, so they should be replaced before the end of their life.

3. Use light colors on the ceiling and walls to increase light reflection, improve light diffusion and save electricity.

Use different light sources in different spaces

The lamp has a very important position for the family. They not only provide lighting in the dark, but also have the function of creating a warm, romantic or relaxing atmosphere at home. However, in the planning of home space, it is unwise to use energy-saving fluorescent lamps or high-power consuming incandescent bulbs (traditional bulbs).

If consumers want to create a sense of calm at home, it is recommended to place the bright part in a lower position. In a spacious living room, stand lamps can be placed in the corners to increase night lighting. The chandelier can be used for lighting on the dining table, and its height should not hinder the meal. Gorgeous occasions can be decorated with bright lights, such as: crystal chandeliers. For living rooms, rooms and other spaces that consume a lot of power, it is recommended to use fluorescent or ceiling lamps that consume a lot of power. The light source uses three primary colors T8 or T5 tube; incandescent lamp or current ordinary halogen lamp (track lamp or recessed lamp) is suitable for local lighting, increasing the softness of warm light.

Post time: Nov-19-2021
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