What are the symbolic characteristics of commercial lighting?

Compared with other types of lamps, commercial lighting products have different characteristics and differences.

Commercial lighting fixtures are mainly used in commercial spaces. Compared with other types of lamps, the products have different characteristics and differences. Commercial lighting usually mainly refers to the lighting of space and environment for commercial applications, such as shops, supermarkets, commercial real estate, hotel clubs, catering, entertainment, exhibitions, venues, 4S shops, etc.

LED light

There are many types of lamps used in commercial lighting design, which can be divided into ceiling lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, and floor lamps according to the configuration. Modern commercial lighting obviously has more connotations on the basis of adhering to traditional commercial lighting. The illuminance, color temperature, and color rendering of the light source used in a specific commercial environment have been scientifically defined and more accurately measured according to requirements, which is different from the initial visual evaluation; the goal of modern commercial lighting is clear, in order to achieve a certain function, a specific design is often required to highlight the environment and reflect the specific business nature and characteristics.

The nature of modern commercial lighting is determined by the purpose of lighting. It often uses regional multi-point light sources and a combination of light and color spaces in the means of rendering the atmosphere; with the use of high-tech computer controllable technology, it can interact with the audience in a dynamic, variable, and specific way; With the development of compact light sources, and the continuous adoption of ultra-small, ultra-thin, various new technologies and new craftsmanship and other lighting electrical accessories, modern commercial lighting fixtures are developing towards miniaturization, practicality and multi-functionality. From a single lighting function to both lighting and decoration. With the progress of the times, the technical means and lighting aesthetic concepts of modern commercial lighting are constantly updated.

Post time: Sep-30-2021
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