What is the reason for the popularity of LED commercial lighting?

With the rapid development of the commercial economy, people’s requirements for the shopping environment have become higher and higher, which means that the store decoration and design of merchants have become an important factor to attract customers’ attention. LED commercial lighting is more and more widely used in the retail field, and its position in commercial lighting is becoming more and more important. Why are more and more businesses choosing LED commercial lighting?

1. LED commercial lighting and control systems reduce costs

Compared with traditional lighting products, LED commercial lighting has the advantages of less power consumption, longer service life and fewer failures. Wal-Mart, Starbucks and many other chain retail stores apply LED commercial lighting, use LED energy-saving lamps for daily lighting, and use the control system to turn off some lighting during off-peak hours, which not only reduces costs, but also reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

2. LED commercial lighting has a low temperature and it’s easy and safe to replace

Compared with traditional lamps, LED light sources do not generate high heat. Generally, LED lamps are equipped with a certain heat dissipation structure, and the operating temperature generally does not exceed 60 degrees Celsius. LED lights are easy to install, and even non-professionals can replace lighting products by themselves with the help of product instructions. The shell of traditional lamps is usually glass, but the LED lamp shell is made of PC material or acrylic die-casting, which is not easy to cause cuts even if it is broken.

3. LED commercial lighting can be integrated into the design of commercial space

LED lighting has the characteristics of high brightness, high visibility, strong plasticity and controllable length, which enhances the design flexibility of LED lamps and can be integrated with the design of various commercial spaces. In shopping malls, LED lamps can be used in the design of indoor lamp posts and various large chandeliers; in jewelry stores, LED jewelry cabinet lights and LED spotlights, on the one hand, can highlight the dazzling products, on the other hand, it can enable consumers to generate consumption desire to achieve the purpose of promoting consumption.

Post time: Mar-30-2022
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