Announcement on the postponement of the 25th · Guzhen International Lighting Fair & Spring 2020 Guzhen Lighting Production Equipment, Raw and Auxiliary Materials and Supporting Services Exhibition

Dear Exhibitors, Partners and Audience Friends,

In view of the fact that the nation’s people are now at a critical time in fighting the epidemic of new coronavirus infection, according to the Party Central Committee and the State Council ’s deployment of prevention and control of new coronavirus infection pneumonia and the provisions of the “People ’s Republic of China ’s Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Law” and Notice of the Guangdong Provincial Leading Group Office of Pneumonia Prevention and Control of New Coronavirus Infections on Restricting Mass Activities (Yuewei Mingdian [2020] No. 7) and the Emergency Notice of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce on Suspending Large-scale Economic and Trade Activities Requirement (see attachment for details), to suspend all large-scale economic and trade activities and large-scale mass gathering promotion activities during the epidemic prevention and control period.

In response to the call of the Central Government and the effective implementation of the preventive and control measures of the central and local governments, the Zhongshan Guzhen Town Expo Center Co., Ltd., as the 25th China, was held on March 18-21, 2020 at the Guzhen Town Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. · The organizer of Guzhen International Lighting Fair and Spring 2020 Guzhen Lighting Production Equipment, Raw and Auxiliary Materials and Supporting Services Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the 25th Guzhen Lighting Fair), is highly responsible to society, industry, exhibitors and visitors , Decided to postpone the exhibition, the specific date will be notified according to the epidemic situation.

We are very grateful for your strong support to the Guzhen Light Fair and your patience and understanding. At this critical moment in the fight against the epidemic, we are more concerned about the safety of everyone’s lives, let us work together to overcome the difficulties! I believe that the people of the whole country will be able to defeat this epidemic! As the source of lighting, we believe that with the strong support of the government of Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, the lighting industry of Guzhen Lighting Fair team has been in the lighting industry for over 20 years With the experience and execution of the exhibition, we can surely ensure that this year’s exhibition will be brilliant and a complete success!

Finally, thank you again for your understanding of the exhibitors and audience friends, and I wish you all good health!

China Guzhen International Lighting Fair Preparatory Committee

Zhongshan Guzhen Dengdu Expo Co., Ltd.

February 9, 2020

Post time: Feb-09-2020
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